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Happy Customers

Our journey with Emego Migration Consultancy (EMC) happened by chance. We were searching for a migration agent, and following a casual chat with an acquaintance and search on the Internet, led us to EMC.

When we met Gordon for the first time, we found him to be friendly and pleasant. Gordon shared with us what we had to do if we wanted to apply for our permanent residency in Australia. He was clear in his advice and guidance. After our first meeting, we signed up with EMC immediately. Over the months ahead, Gordon would work with us closely. Whenever, we had questions or doubts, Gordon was there to help us. Whenever there were changes in policy or the occupation skills list(s), Gordon would get back to us immediately. Even on weekends, we would contact Gordon at times, and he would reply us instantaneously.

We appreciate Gordon’s work and professional attitude. The entire journey was smooth. We felt safe and trusted Gordon at all times. We are delighted with Gordon’s work. In our opinion, he is the best! Thank you, Gordon, for everything you have done for us.

Warm regards,

Kaur and Singh